Street Shop

street shop santiago - Chile

It’s nine o’clock in the morning and Mrs. Leonor with her sister Donatilla begin their day. For three years they have worked in his business located in Portugal Street in Santiago, Chile. Before, they had a vegetable store for almost eight years on the same block where they are today.

Magazines, newspapers, candies and cigarettes are there for the pedestrians. Many people just say hello, others simply ask for directions. Almost everyone knows each other: the pharmacist , the lady who sells handmade jewelry or the guy of the next shop. Other street vendors are part of the scenery  as well, whom sometimes leave their stuff at the street shop for safekeeping.

Time goes by and you can see more people around . It is a nice day and the drinks start to come out to satisfy the passers-by . Suddenly  the neighbor Mrs. Gabriela arrives, always with a joke ready to tell .She  says goodbye but not before having bought a newspaper and a couple of lottery tickets .

It’s late, it’s time to disassemble everything . Tomorrow is another day and they have to put magazines out, pick up newspapers , clean and sweep the sidewalk, watch out for the passersby and take a look at the occasional magazine.