Dancing in the streets


A long time ago I had the idea of ​​being able to work with dancers in the city of Christchurch. The project dancing in the streets was about taking them off the stage and putting them in different parts of the city center . The idea was an incredible experience.

I am lucky to have several friends who are dancers. I invited them to be part of this idea and they responded favorably. I’d like to say that dancing in the streets is still a project in progress. I don’t really like the idea of abandoning a project just because it seems like it has not been finished.

Christchurch city center has several attractive places. Walking through the city, we stopped at various locations to take some photos. However, the main idea was not to repeat the same places with the dancers, so we walked for several hours around the city center looking for the right place.

We had lots of fun and the dancers were happy and loved the end result. Autumn is always a good time for photography. The weather is always favorable to take photos because the landscape and available light are perfect for taking photos around the city. This shoot happened a couple of years ago, during May and June.

Many thanks to all the dancers who participated in this project. I hope to be able to continue it in the future, taking more photos around the city and inviting more people to join this project.