Kia ora, I’m Peter, a photographer based in Christchurch, with a passion for travel and adventures. My work is about stories and emotions, people and places. I try to capture that unique moment and bring viewers into the image emotionally.

I like to meet and learn about new people, hearing stories and discovering places. I spend most of the time with friends, reading and studying. My passion for photography began at an early age during my high school years. While I was studying computer science at uni, I had a deep connection with photography and that was a very decisive moment in my life. After finishing my degree in computer science, I decide to formally study photography at uni and merge my knowledge into a passion for photography and web development.

I enjoy what I do and try to transfer that feeling to my work. I’ve had the fortune of being part of very interesting projects, meeting amazing people, gaining recognition and doing what I love.

Awards and recognition

Photo of the year

Anadolu Agency

Anadolu Agency submitted a range of photographs marking the key events of 2019 to a vote for that year’s Photos of the Year awards.

50 images were selected from over 750,000 photographs shot in different parts of the world. One of my photos was nominated in the news category.

Best Photographer

New Zealand Latin Awards

I was nominated as best photographer in the category of Arts and Culture for the first edition of the New Zealand Latin Awards 2018, formally know as Christchurch Latin Awards. I felt honored receiving this prize.

Some photos published in the media